Best Free Ccleaner Alternative Programs

Namaste! In this article, we are going to provide a list of Ccleaner Alternative programs to use for free. Running out of storage space, this problem must have been faced by every computer user. Most of the time low or bad maintenance of the hard disk is the cause for it. A lot of temporary files are created with the usage of computer with the increasing time. These files have to be deleted or cleared from time to time if you want your disk space to be optimized. Low hard disk space also leads to slower performance of the system. Ccleaner has been around for ages now leading the business of cleanup facility. This software was a great combination of hard disk space cleanup and RAM cleanup utility. The lack of updates has made it less optimized these days and is a lot slower in use. Due to all of these problems users are looking for some alternative to Ccleaner.

Best Ccleaner Alternative

It is always advisable to keep your pc free of junk for a better performance. In today’s post, we are providing the list of best alternative to Ccleaner that available on the internet and are free to use. So, use any of these Ccleaner alternative programs and clean your system from extra useless stuff. :)

List of Free Alternative To Ccleaner in 2018

1. Glary Utilities

This is one of the biggest competitors of Ccleaner. This software is regarded as one of the best alternative of Ccleaner when it comes to cleanup utility. The collection of tools that are included in this software is amazing and they work together in a great way to keep your pc optimized. This utility improves the performance of 12% which is quite noticeable for a pc space. This software is free to download and use while a pro version with added functions is also available for which you have to pay some amount.

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2. BleachBit


Now, this software is extremely popular amongst the people who are into the technical aspect of using computers like engineers and coders. This cleanup utility is regarded as the most transparent utility that is alternative to Ccleaner. The software is open source and its code is readily available for coders to try their hands on. Updates are released from time to time and some of the updates are also developed by the users. One of the key features of this software is its lightweight. The software takes very less space on your hard disk and is really easy to use. It is said that this software does the most intensive scan of the computer in comparison to other soft wares of this domain. Despite its lightweight, it is totally a master in getting its job done.

3. Privazer


This is a newer software when it comes to the date of release but it has gained some serious following within a short span of time. This alternative of Ccleaner is built to protect your private or personal data on your computer as can be sensed by its name. This software has two modes for you to offer basic and pro. In both the modes, you will be going through a wizard window consisting a questionnaire according to which the software will configure its cleaning system. Once you are done with the setup you will have to click quick cleanup to get rid of the unnecessary data and files on your system. One of the most important features about this software is that it gives a whole lot of controls over the cleanups performed.

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4. Wise Disk Cleaner

Whether you are an advanced user or a basic this free alternative of CCleaner is going to be of good use for you. It is really easy simple and convenient to use. The interface provided in this software is really basic which helps you to understand the format easily. There is a common cleaner mode which automatically cleans up the browser and registry files for you without much of your involvement. Then there is an advanced mode which deleted extra unnecessary files of your system but before any action, it will ask for your permission. There is also an inbuilt defragment tool which would help to speed up your drives.

5. Kcleaner


This software is amongst those which really scans deep into hard drives and takes out even a single cache or registry file. If you are a lover of deep cleaning, then this can be your alternative to Ccleaner. Then name seems similar to Ccleaner but the functionality is not just the same as Ccleaner. With the deep cleaning, you may get even gigabytes of space back for you to use. Web browsers and cookies may also be cleaned with this software.

6. Clean Master for PC

This Ccleaner alternative claims to be the best and leading cleaning utility although it may not seem to be so. This utility is quite popular amongst the population because it is lightweight and takes up a little memory in the disk. This software is capable of cleaning junk. It also boosts the computer by cleaning the RAM. Driver scanning is one of the most unique features of this software which scans for devices and drivers. It claims that this software is born for fixing driver issues.

7. Comodo System Utilities


This software is a good alternate to Ccleaner for power users who love to have a control over what’s happening within the system. Users who want to have control in every aspect of the system whether it be browsers cache or cookies or registry files or temporary files within the disks comodo utility is the best pick so far. Deep cleaning is done through this app and you will get a better performance at the end of the cleaning. The only drawback that shifted this software at the end of our list is that a restart is required after cleaning process which can be a pain for the users.

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Final words:
There are a lot of cleaning utilities available on the internet and each of them claims to be the best. The list we have provided is built on the past user experiences shared by the users and also the rating provided to them on various platforms. These alternative to Ccleaner are the best for you to try out if you are thinking to switch from Ccleaner. We hope that you all liked our list. Have a great day folks!!!

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