Namaste! In this article we will be talkin on Free Virtual Credit Card Numbers providers of 2018. Credit cards is now not some posh entity as it used to be in earlier days. Anybody who is eligible to carry a credit card as per the norms of the bank can now hold one to his name. Credit system is on a boom these days as it seems relatively easier to pay a wholesome amount in easy installments. Credit cards are being used for online merchant services but then the most important scenario comes into the mind i.e. security. Using virtual credit card number is the key to secure your hard earned money from online scammers.

Virtual Credit Card Free VCC

When you are dealing with large scale merchants you know it’s safe but when it comes to small scale merchants you can’t be sure that your card number details will not be misused. To come up with the solution for this threat, virtual credit card is a buzz these days. Though not very popular on large scale, people are taking upon this option when are largely included with dealing online.

Now to elaborate let’s see what is a Virtual Credit Card or VCC?

In this scenario you don’t have a physical credit card with you rather a random unique virtual credit card number is generated which is linked to your actual credit card. You will have the option to define your transaction limit and validity period for that unique virtual credit card numbers. You can use the allotted random credit card numbers and pay your bills.

The bill generated will be linked to your original credit card without the merchant having any idea about your real credit card numbers. Now, that we have all the basic information regarding the virtual credit card system our next stop would be at the list of virtual credit card providers.

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Top 9 Best Virtual Credit Card Numbers Providers of 2018:

Below is the list of some great VCC providers of current year and these  you can use while shopping online or paying for a service on the internet to be on safe side, because by using virtual credit card you're not sharing your real credit card numbers.

1. EntroPay Virtual Visa Card

This name is a legend in the field of providing the customers with virtual credit card services. Along with its tight security the very first card you own on this site will be free for you with which you can enjoy all the online transactions without the fee.

This site deals in many currencies and gives you the option to changer your currency anytime. You can delete your credit card once you are done with transactions and can come back later and create a new one but only this time it won’t be free.

2. Payoneer

Another big name to provide you with your random card number which can be used as credit card anywhere on the internet. Payoneer charges very less fee for all its transactions. The virtual credit card offered under this service can used to pay thousands of merchants all over the world wide web.

You are free to open the account and receive payments from all over the world without any charges.

3. Pockets app

This is the app that was developed under the business and is in the name of ICICI bank. The bank’s name itself assures you about the security of this app because ICICI is one of the leading bank in India with growing business every year.

One of the main advantage of being an app is that you can install on your devices and use the app on the go. You don’t need an ICICI bank account to use this app but then having an account gives you some special privileges. UPI payments is also included within this app under the digital India campaign. You have the options for recharge, bill payments etc.

A free virtual visa card is also allotted to you within the app for usage. This app is catering to the audience from all over the world and deals in multiple currencies.

4. WallmartMoneycard

This is the payment in our list which is really popular amongst American citizens. With this you can create prepaid credit cards and use anywhere. The type of random card number allotted to you will be of VISA type.

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5. American Express

This giant is one of the most famous and widely used service all over the world. American express has been dealing in the money business since the evolution of this market and a huge fan base. They are not behind in the race of virtual credit cards too.
They offer visa cards that can be used for transactions all over the world whether it be for online booking, bill payment or travel.

6. PayPal

This name is undoubtedly the biggest name when it comes to overseas money business but the reason it has been placed down in our list is because of the frauds and security issues related to them in the past.
Despite the bad past it has a huge audience with blind trust in PayPal. PayPal also provides credit cards that are used to pay the merchants all over the world without revealing the original card number.

7. Neteller

This brand is considered to be one of the biggest rivals of PayPal. Their rivalry grew even more when Neteller launched MasterCard virtual credit card service following the steps of PayPal. Smaller transaction fees and smooth service is one of their strong points.

8. PayZapp Visa

HDFC is well known for its discount offers on its credit card. The same are applicable of your virtual card number account too. You are not required to be a customer of HDFC bank in order to use this app. Through this app you can get your own free virtual visa card to carry on with your online transactions.

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One of the best part about this card would be that it will be an international visa card which can be used for global transactions. Download this app on the play store and you are all set to have your free virtual credit card.

9. Netspend

This card provider is mainly based and is serving American citizens. This is the only reason why it has been placed at the bottom as it is not for worldwide audience. The positive side being dollar is used in many countries hence people who want to deal in dollars can use this service.

Final words:

When it comes to your hard earned money, you need to make sure that your credit card details are safe with the merchant. To do so, use these virtual credit card providers and get your free credit card numbers for online use. To clear up any such dilemma virtual card numbers came into existence so that your working card number is safe with you and is not disclosed.
This is a big step into the security of online transaction safety. More and more customers should move towards having virtual credit card specially those who deal online for their living.

If you think we forget to add any other virtual credit card provider on this list, or want to ask something related to this topic, please let us know by leaving a comment down-below

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