Namaste! Manga though delusional yet is an emotion for comic and anime lovers. You are not considered a true anime fan if you are not following one of the manga dramas. One such name in the manga universe that stands out these days is Read One Punch Man Webcomic. This comic series went viral upon its release and has hit over 8 million. The protagonist of this series is an overpowered superhero who is bored with his life due to lack of competition and a worthy opponent that is evil. One punch man webcomic is considered to be one of the best manga comics to date.

One Punch Man Manga Webcomic Online

Developed by ONE and is illustrated by the legend of anime Yusuke Murata. With many changes going on within the development team, change of directors the team still manages to keep One Punch Man manga on the top.

Read One Punch Man Manga Webcomic Online For Free

Manga lovers are often in dilemma to find a right place to read the comics. So, here we are with our list of best sites to read One Punch Man webcomic if you are in search.

1. Viz - Read Manga Comics Online


Read One Punch Manga

First on the list is the legends in the game. This website is the official site where the manga universe is available for you to explore. One of the best user experience this site has many followers and subscribers who visit regularly to read One Punch Man.

As this site is official so it rules out al the possibilities of wrong subtitles or interpretations. It is recommended because in a way if you read One Punch Man from this site then you are supporting the team of the manga. Being the official site the comics are required to be paid. So, not the best option for people who do not want to pay.

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2. Watchopm


Read One Punch Man Manga Webcomic

This is the dedicated website for One Punch Man manga webcomic. The best news is that you do not need to pay a single dime over here. Now you are free to read the One Punch Man online for free. This website is one of the fastest in releasing the new releases.

The interpretations are spot on most of the time. The releases are store on the website so if in case you need to watch a previous release it is easily available for you to do so.

3. MangaPanda


One Punch Man Original Webcomic

For the manga lovers in English, this website is also really popular as they are also fast in their releases and the interpretations are spot on. Not only One Punch Man but also other manga webcomics are also available to read online.

This site provides you the option to download the comics and enjoy them later as you wish. The adult content is usually not shown anywhere on the site unless you search for it.



Read One Punch Man Webcomic

With the minimal design on their website, this is the simplest manga online store you will see on the world wide web but do not judge the website by its look. The website has a wide variety of manga online webcomics to offer which includes One Punch Man Webcomic.

You will never see a comic being resized or watermarked on this site which makes it a good and authentic experience for all the mange lovers. The site takes some time to offer new releases but once they are out you will for sure experience the good quality and best interpretations.

These are the reasons this site is really popular despite being so simple.

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5. Jaimin's Box


One Punch Man Webcomic Translated

Many one man punch manga lovers consider this website to be the best and are a die-hard fan. One of the main reasons for its such a huge fan base is its time management.

The website is the very first to offer new releases. The scanlation is perfect and also the interpretations. The website is also one of the beautifully designed online manga stores. One of the key features of the website is the inbuilt discord. For those who do not know what discord does, it is an app that allows you to talk to anybody over the world.

It means now you are free to discuss your anime experience and theories with the manga lover from all over the world.

6. Manga Stream - Read Free Manga Online


Read One Punch Man Webcomic

This manga online store is a paradise for manga lovers who are in search of a platform to read One Punch Man manga online. The site offers the releases for free and is also very fast in releasing them.

Actually, this site is the fastest amongst the free One Punch Man webcomic providers. The only reason why this site is down in our list is that sometimes the scanlations and the interpretations are not exact as original. So, you might need to understand and read carefully.

Also, the website has some adds running which you might find annoying at times. Still, it has got some serious fan base.

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7. Readopm - One Punch Manga


Read One Punch Man Webcomic Online

The last entry to this list of best sites to read one man punch manga webcomic is the site of readopm. The design of the website has been kept on the lower note but one of the best parts is that it is ad-free. Specially dedicated for One Punch Man manga online comic this site is quite fast in providing you with the latest releases.

The scanlation is not very good on this site thus, very last on our list. If you are not the patient kind of audience and want to see the new releases as soon as possible then this website can also be your choice to read One Punch Man here.

Final words:

Here in this list, we have tried to provide with the best options out on the internet to read Manga One Punch Man online. Some of them are the best and some of them have some cons. In the end, it is a win for the manga universe because the fanbase of such webcomics is growing manifold these days.

Gone are the days when anime and manga were associated with the Japanese culture. In today’s world, the popularity of one punch man manga webcomic has grown beyond Japan’s borders and is worldwide.

We hope that you liked our list and it helped you find a platform to satisfy your One Punch Man cravings.

If you think we forget to add any other website which should be on this list of best sites to read One Punch Man Manga Webcomic, don't hesitate to drop a comment down below. Enjoy reading the comic for free. :)

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