Hide Files Using NTFS Stream / CMD

How to hide files using NTFS stream - Hide files in another file using CMD

Namaste! This post is for those people who are searching for 'How to hide files in another file using cmd' or 'Hiding files using NTFS stream'. Many people want to hide they're personal of important files from other users so this post will help you to hide any file without using any 3rd party software. 
You can hide any file into another file without any software, using NTFS stream and some CMD commands. By using this trick you can hide any file, software, image, song etc. into any type of file. Suppose you want to hide your secret picture into a text file, you can do this without any software, just use some commands and you're done. 

So if you don't want to use any 3rd party software to hide your files then this post id for you. Follow the full tutorial step by step to hide files in another file using CMD (Command Prompt). It's a simple and effective method to hide your files with just a few commands. You can access your original file without any damage or corruption of your file. So using this trick to hide files in another file you won't need to worry about file corruption.
For this trick to hide files in windows you must have the drive formatted with the NTFS format. As we gonna hide a file into another by using NTFS stream feature. Just a few commands and your file will be hidden in another innocent looking file. So follow the below steps to hide your file using the NTFS stream.


The objective of this post is to help people learn how to hide files using NTFS Stream or using CMD/Notepad. It will teach you how to:
  • Use NTFS Stream
  • Hide Files

Requirements To Hide Files

  • A Computer running Windows Operating System
  • NTFS Formatted C:\ Drive

Steps to be followed to hide files into another file using NTFS Stream

Step 1. First of all, make sure your drive is formatted as NTFS

Step 2. Now create a folder named OnlyHax in C:\ drive and copy calc.exe from C:\windows\system32 and paste it in C:\OnlyHax folder.

Step 3. Open a Command Prompt (CMD) and go to C:\OnlyHax by using cd c:\OnlyHax command. 

Step 4. Now create a notepad file by typing notepad anil.txt in command prompt and press enter, a popup will appear to click Yes. Notepad files will open, type Hello OnlyHax! in it and save the file.

Step 5. Check the size of the anil.txt file by typing dir in command prompt (CMD) and note it.

Step 6. Now hide calc.exe in the anil.txt file by using the following command:
type c:\OnlyHax\calc.exe > c:\OnlyHax\anil.txt:calc.exe Press Enter

Step 7. Type dir in command prompt and note the size of the anil.txt file. Size of anil.txt file should not be changed.

Step 8. Now go to c:\OnlyHax and delete the calc.exe file. 

Step 9. Return in the command prompt and type the following command in it:
mklink hiddenfile.exe c:\OnlyHax\anil.txt:calc.exe  Press Enter

Step 10. Type hidden file in command prompt and press Enter. The Calculator program will be executed. 

Final words:

That's it now the calc.exe is hidden in the anil.txt file which is not visible in the directory but we can use it by typing hiddenfile in CMD. So it was a tutorial for those people who want to hide their files using NTFS Stream or CMD. You can hide any file into a .txt file using this method and it won't need any 3rd party software to perform this process. Many people search 'How to hide files without software' or 'Hide files with cmd' or 'How to hide files using NTFS stream' etc. I think after reading this post you won't need to search further about this topic. If you have any issue or query related this post, please don't hesitate to ask in comments. 

How To Hide Files Using CMD In Windows

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