Best Ways to Earn Money Online with Google

Namaste! Not everyone can get employment opportunity in Google, so even without stepping out from your room, it provides plenty options to earn some dollars in your pocket. There are many ways to earn online which may not be genuine but there are Ways to Earn Money Online with Google. The best thing about this is you can earn in a legal way which need not have sound knowledge, degree and qualifications like other jobs. Google earns money by this way and let you earn money from various tools. Next time if your mom scolds you that you are wasting your time being online, then tell her that you are earning something online by following these.

Earn/Make Money Online With Google

How To Make Money With Google? 

Well, the answer to this question is very simple but many people don't know. There are many ways which the Google offers everyone to make some cash from your room by doing some simple tasks. Many people think that Google is just a search engine and it can be used only to search for something on the internet. But beside this, it offers many tools (ways) by which anyone can earn a decent amount of money every month. So today in this article we gonna talk about those simple way to earn money on Google.


Who Can Earn From Google? 

After reading the title of this article you might think, what qualifications or knowledge is required to earn from Google. Right? Well, no degrees or qualifications are required to make some cash online with Google. Even a simple guy without any technical background can make money from Google. You just need to have an active mind and intense desire to achieve something. Just choose the way from below and give your 100% and get ready to earn money online.

These are the following things by which you can earn money with Google

Google Adsense


One of the most popular ways to earn money online is with the help of Google. It pays money by running ads on your website or blog. It depends on how much traffic you can get your blog/website, if you can engage number of visitors then the chances are high to earn money.  But the thing is they should click the ad on your blog or website which will make you bag some amount.
There are some rules for applying AdSense which needs you, to be honest, legit and disciplined. You can read this article for Google AdSense Approval Trick.

It pays direct cash, checks only if you earn $100 in a month. You can get the amount by the end of the month when you exceed or reach that amount. Few ads which are not good for the website or they may be competitors to your website can be blocked by right click on the ad and copy it. Paste the URL into a notepad and drop it in the blocked links.

As Google lets to create a blog for free this is the best thing to earn money through Google if you have sound knowledge about a topic to make your blog/website popular. What needs is to post engaging content which is readable and SEO friendly.

Steps to Apply for Adsense

  • Before applying for Adsense make sure to have at least 10 articles of 500 words which are well written.
  • About Page, Contact us page and Privacy Policy page should be additional things.
  • website URLIndividual name or Business Entitycontact name, mail, proper address to receive the PIN after approval.
  • Approval occurs within 24 to 48 hours of applying, a mail is received about the process and in that you need to place the ads on your site.
  • It will check your actions like clicking ads and if they feel anything suspicious then the approval will be canceled.
  • Some click their own ads thinking that it will generate the revenue but Adsense will not accept these kinds of actions.
  • Once verified then you will receive the PIN to the verified address.
  • Get ads from the sites which meet Google Adsense Guidelines.



Do you know the people who upload a video in YouTube earns money because of the viewers like you, so many people are not dumb to upload their stupid videos just for fun. The latest sensation created by Dinchak Pooja (If you are aware of that) got so many views and earned a lot with her crazy voice. I don’t want to hurt you if you are a fan of her, but there are so many people who upload funny videos, cover songs, DIY, interesting things and earning money just with this simple technique.
If you have talent then don’t waste your time and upload video, songs and many more. Create a channel and get some likes, subscribers which will get some viewers and lead to earn some money in an easy way. This is one of the easiest Ways to Earn Money with Google.

Steps for YouTube:

  • Create a YouTube channel on a niche in which you are perfect 
  • Start making videos and upload them to your YouTube channel
  • Add proper description and title 
  • Share your video link on social sites 
  • And enable Monetization on all your videos 
  • Start earning cool money :) 



This is probably one of the Best Ways to Earn Money Online with Google If you have good knowledge about any topic or can engage people with your interesting stories, whatever it may be but Basic English will help you to earn money. Share your knowledge, interests, and experiences by starting a blog.

Everyone will have some interest in something like even if you are movie lover then you can share newly related to that. Choose a domain and get started, once you build some traffic then you can earn through Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and so many.

Steps for blogging:

  • Create a blog on blogger or WordPress
  • Design it well and attractive and simple to navigate 
  • Post unique and valuable articles on it 
  • Do some SEO tweaks and get organic traffic
  • Apply Google AdSense on your blog or other advertising programs 
  • And start earning from ads and affiliate marketing.

Apps on Play Store


If you can create a useful app then it is also one of the best ways to earn money through Play Store. Create an app and upload to Play Store, the more download you get the more money you can earn from Google. You can see so many ads when you download an app, sometimes it irritates.

But have wondered why these ads you are supposed to see that’s because of the Apps owners allow the advertisers to showcase their ads in the apps, so that they will get customers. This will help you to earn some money from the advertisers, so create an app and let the ads run on your App to earn money through Play Store.

Steps for Apps :

  • Develop an Android app on a demanded topic 
  • Upload it to Google Play Store 
  • Apply for Google AdSense and place ads in your app
  • Share a link to your Android app on the internet 
  • And start earning from ads
  • You can also develop a selling app and sell your goods and earn money

Google Adwords


Have you ever tried something using a word on Google where it shows some N number of results but there will be few links which will be shown in top three? They are paid ads, if you are an advertiser then Google will help your link to be placed on top if you pay some amount. This will attract customers and visitors to your site which will earn profit to you. This is also considered to earn money online with google.

As your ad is shown based on the user search you can get targeted audience and there are chances that you get benefited. Even if a visitor clicks the site through ad and leaves without buying (If your website is based on business) then it will play the ad to them repeatedly through cookies.

Steps for Adwords:

  • Sign up an account for Adwords 
  • Create a campaign for your desired keyword and website link
  • Choose on which keyword your link should appear
  • Set CPC(Cost Per Click) 
  • Add fund to your Adwords account
  • Start advertising and promoting your website or business :)

Google Keyword Planner


People search for so many things on Google, Google Keyword Planner will help you to find out the most searched keywords and phrases. So many bloggers are benefited by this as they can use those keywords to get their targeted audience and get more views on their blog or website.
This is the best way to optimize their site with the help of those keywords, It will not let you bag money quickly but in the long run, it will generate money. It will help in increasing the traffic with the optimized keywords.

And then you can earn from Google easily. Keywords play a key role in getting more viewers to your site and make you stand at the top of the search results helping you to grow the traffic on your site.

Steps for GKP:

  • Open Google Keyword Planner
  • Search for high searched and low competition keyword
  • Work on that keyword and get organic traffic
  • The more you'll get the more earnings will be in your pocket.;) 

Final words:

There are many easy Ways to earn money Online with Google, just you need some knowledge about these and time to spend to earn money. So not only these but there are so many ways to earn with Google, we have mentioned the popular ways which helps in earning money easily.
Not only Google provides so many solutions for your every problem but it lets you to earn money by staying at home also. So these were some easy and great ways to make money with google without investing and wasting your valuable time. Invest zero and earn a lot with these ways and enjoy your happy life. Have fun! Enjoy!! :)

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