How To Get A Free US Phone Number?

Namaste! Get ready to get a free US phone number without paying even a single penny. At some point in time in our life, we must have faced the problem of not having a US-based phone number due to which we were bound out of some apps and telemarketing services of our interest. There are many ways of obtaining a US number but for that, you will have to pay some amount which will be in dollars. Now, not everybody is willing to pay money. So, here in this article, we are trying to list some ways of getting a virtual free US phone number without paying a single penny. We are listing some apps and some websites that provide free US  number. Stay tuned as this guide is really going to help you if you are looking for a free US number.

Get Free US Phone Number

Why we need a Free US Phone Number?

Well, it's very simple we need US phone number for many reasons such as OTP verification purpose, for doing international calls etc. But most of the time we need free US phone number for verification purposes.
We need a free US phone number to get a verification code:
  • To create a new Gmail account 
  • To register on a particular website or application
  • To make international calls
  • To create an alternate WhatsApp account
  • To verify accounts on different sites.

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Best Apps To Get A Free US Phone Number For Verification

1. TextPlus App

Free US Phone Number

This app has been around in this domain of providing free US phone number for about 3 years and it is one of the best out there in the market. The best part of this app is that it is totally free to use and provides you a legit free virtual number. Here are the steps on how to get a phone number through this app:

Step 1. Download the TextPlus app on your device whether Android or iOS it is available for both, and install the application and open it.

Step 2. Click on signup to initiate the registration process for this app.

Step 3. The app will ask for your email address. Fill out the information as your number will be linked with the email address you provide.(It will ask for some permissions, just allow them)

Step 4. You have the option to import your phone contacts as well but you can skip this part.

Step 5. Once you are in the app, you are needed to click on 3 lines icon and click on “Get your free TextPlus number”.

Step 6. Select the state and area code according to your choice and tap on 'Get a custom number'.

Step 7. Completing all these steps will generate a new and free US phone number for you to use.

Step 8. You can earn free credits to make free calls internationally by completing easy offers and watching short videos. ;)  But you don't need credits for getting verification codes.

This number will fine for any mobile verification required for apps WhatsApp, google duo etc.     

NOTE:- You can customize your free US phone number anytime for free by clicking on 'Customize My Number' under menu option. 

2. Telos App

Free US Number
This is another very famous and legit application that provides its users with a free US based number and the services are free too. This app is more famous than others because of the extra bonuses that you get along with the number they provide you. This is how you can get a number from Telos:
  1. Download this app for free from Google play store or apple store on your device.
  2. Once the app is installed open it and tap on sign up.
  3. Upon tapping the signup, you will have a registration page opened.
  4. The registration page will ask for your email address and password for that email.
  5. Next, you will have to choose a username for your account.
  6. It is advisable to not use your original name as the username. Rather you can use some random username and then tap on the register.
  7. There will be a confirmation email on the email you provided. Open the mail and click on the link to verify your email.
  8. Once the email is verified you are all set with your new US phone number to use.

Benefits of this app:

  • All the numbers provided by the telos app are real with real area codes.
  • You have to pay nothing to use this app and also, the international roaming is free as well.
  • There is no need to change the SIM card or change the number.
  • You can use this same number as your bank account number or any official number.
  • If you wish to make the number as your official number, then it can also be ported out to the company of your choice.

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        3. Google Voice Free US Number


        This is not a very good option but it can be tried in case of urgency and immediate need. Google voice free US number is not available in every part of the world but is still available in most. You can use this number for the international call via Hangout. For this, you must have a google account and then under voice tap on 'get a free US number'. You are all set to use this number in a limited manner.

        4. TextNow


        This is also a really good option available on the play store and apple store for the people in search of a free US phone number. Users can download the app and signup within the app by filling out just an easy form and choosing their desired username and password. After the completion of sign up process just log in and there you will have your another free US mobile number to use.
        • The app works on a technology that uses both WIFI and cellular.
        • Unlimited calling to USA and Canada is provided through the app.
        • A single number can be used over multiple devices.
        • The app contains some ads that you may feel are irritating at the time. So, you may buy their premium service by paying a small amount with which you also get unlimited international calling.

        5. 2nd line app

        This option is newer when it comes to providing free US number and less popular. This app is only available for android users and can be downloaded from the play store. As its name suggests the app provides a second virtual number for your smartphone.
        • Search the app on play store and download it
        • Install the app and tap on sign up.
        • After signing up through a simple registration process, choose a number of your choice.
        • You are all set to use this number wherever you want.
        • The app also turns your tablet into a calling device.

        Top Websites To Get A Free US Phone Number For Verification

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        This is the website that provides you virtual free numbers for many countries including the US. The provided number cannot be used for the calls but can be used for verification purpose required in any telemarketing service or registration of the app.
        1. Open their official website through their URL
        2. You will have a list of countries in which you have to click on the United States.
        3. After this, you will be on a new page where a list of available numbers will be displayed.
        4. Click on the number you want to use according to your choice.
        5. Use the number for the verification process and you will receive the SMS on the screen.
        6. You can also send SMS from this number displayed in front of you.


        This is another option in websites where you can receive SMS through the virtual US number provided by the website.
        Get Free US Phone Number
        • Open the page from their official URL
        • You will see a list of numbers available along with the country from which they belong.
        • Choose the number and country you want.
        • Now you will have the options of some more mobile numbers from the same country.
        • Click on the number you want to use.
        • You will now see any SMS reaching the number.
        • You can no use the number for any verification purpose.


        In older times when people needed any US phone number for verification or registration purpose, they dropped the plan of using that service. Now with the growing technology new apps and websites are providing free numbers for any country which you can use according to your requirements.

        Here in this post, we have tried to provide you with the list of apps and websites that provide free US phone number for you along with some benefits. Website lack to provide the calling feature while SMS can be readily seen on them. With the growth of smartphone newer apps is developing to provide the free number.

        We have provided the two best options that are easy to use and are legit with their free US phone number. We hope that you find the list useful. Have a great day folks!!!

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