Find IP Address Of Any Website

How To Find Out The IP Address Of Any Website ?

Namaste! In This Post You Will Learn How To Find Out IP Address Of  Any Website By Using CMD (Command Prompt) or Notepad. By Ip Address You Can Find The Location Of  The Server Of  That Website. No 3rd Party Tools Are Required To Find The Ip Address Of A Website, Only CMD (Command Prompt) Is Enough. By Using Ip Address You Can Do Many Crazy Things With That Website If You Know How To Do.

In This Tutorial I Will Show You Two Ways To Reveal The IP Address Of A Website Without Using Any Software. 1. By Using CMD And 2. Using Notepad. Both Are Same, In CMD Method You Have To Open CMD And Execute The Commands and In Notepad Method You Just Save Those Commands In A File As .bat Extension. So whenever You Run That .bat File It'll Automaticaly Execute Those Commands.

So Use The Method Which You Like Most And Find Out The IP Address Of Your Desired Website. So Why R U Waiting 4. Lets Start With The Tutorial.

Follow The Steps Carefully To Find Out Ip Address of a Website

Step 1. First Open Run ( Windows Key + R) And Type cmd And Press Enter.

Step 2. Now In The Command Prompt Type    ping   And Hit Enter. (As Shown In The Pic Below)


 (Note:- You Can Use Any Website Instead Of But The ping is must)

Step 3. It Will Take Less Than 2-3 Seconds And Come Up With The Result As Shown In The Pic Below.


You Can Also Use Notepad For The Same Follow The Below Steps

Find Out Ip Address Of Any Website By Using Notepad

Step 1. First Of All Open Notepad.

Step 2. Now Type The Code Shown Below

@Echo Off

Step 3. Now Save As OnlyHax.bat


Step 4. Now Run OnlyHax.bat


Step 5. Now You Will See The Ip Address (As Show In The Pic Below).

Ip Address Of Desired Website

Final words:

Done! So,I hope you learned how you can find out IP address of a website very easily without using any third party software, only CMD is enough for this task. In this tutorials I described two different methods by which you can reveal the IP address of any website which is up, one by using CMD (Command Prompt) and another one is using Notepad. So I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial, it was for newbies and it wasn't an advanced tutorial.

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