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Best Messaging / Texting Apps For Android

Namaste! These days there is not a single person left who is not familiar with the concept of messaging or texting. Whether it be a message for formal use or personal use, android messaging apps have their importance in the devices used by the users. Among teenagers, these apps are more popular because of the inquisitive mind they have. The basic demands from a good android messaging app are that it should be fast, reliable and should have an easy user interface. They should be quick in response along with being friendly for use by all age groups. Over the past decade messaging apps have turned out to be an excellent replacement for the postal services. They are more efficient and fast in comparison to the normal means of communication.

As we all know android’s play store is a vast market and competition for the developers. There are various products and apps out there, that are running and have their pros and cons along with their fare share of lovers and haters. Here, in this article we are providing you with the list of best android messaging apps that are good to try out if you are looking to settle on one of these apps.

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Top 9 Best Messaging Apps For Android List:

1. Android Messages


Now talking about this app we can only say that this app is an epitome of basic material design. This app does not include many themes or visual features but while working this app is really good. The app is stock app provided in the Android devices from the Google. It is a free app which should be tried if you a fan of basic graphics. If you are looking best android messaging app with material design, then this is for you. This app has some basic features of backup and recovery which make it a good option to try out.

2. Facebook Messenger

Another app from a big name and developer. This app has not gained so much popularity as Facebook itself but has some serious fan base. This messenger was one of the best android messaging apps during its initial phase but now it is just filled up with useless and space consuming bloatware. This is not a default SMS app, you need to change settings and make this as a default app. The fan base has grown huge over the course of times mainly due to the graphic emojis and attractive stickers used within messages.

3. Chomp SMS

This app is not a new name in the field of messaging for android. This is one of the earliest third-party apps which evolved for messaging in android. This app has also one of the best material design along with some special features to explore. Features like SMS blocking, custom emojis, and quick response make it one of the best android messaging apps. Chomp was one of the earliest apps to support group chatting. Chomp also supports push bullets and android wear.                    

4. Handcent next SMS

This is also another third party replacement app for messaging. Loads of themes are available which could be switched on desire. A lot of security features are also provided within this messaging app for the users who are concerned about the privacy of their texts. Along with all this, the app comes with a universal SMS feature which lets you send SMS even when you are working on a computer or tablet. If you want a good experience along with the security features then this app is a must to try for you. All these features have made it earn a spot on our list of best android messaging apps.   

5. Mood messenger

This app is from one of the newer development section and is still young in the android market. If you are a fan of fancy features and graphic content then this messenger would disappoint you. But if somewhere in your life you have loved Facebook messenger then this app will also build a place in your heart. This app has basic customization features which could be explored. This app also has the cat head features like FB messenger. Mood messenger allows its users to send messages free of cost from the carrier charges just like I messages.

6. Pulse SMS

This app is entirely new in the game with basic design concept but more additional features to explore. It is much more like a standard SMS app but with new features. Features like being able to send or receive SMS from laptop or tablet make it good for use. It also supports messaging over dual sim which is in great demand these days. It also has some features like SMS blocking, backing up and restoring notes.

7. Textra SMS

This app has some serious fan base and has grown over the years. It is really beautiful and elegant in looks and design. It is the most stylish and highest rated third party messaging app on the play store. It also comes with custom themes where you get to choose how will you box look while messaging. It is fast and quick in managing messages due to its handy options. Some of the premium features are slide to delete and floating notifications. One of the most talked about feature for this app is its night mode which makes it easier to operate this app during low light.

8. Yaata SMS

This is one of the newer apps but is one of the most powerful too. One of the main features is its scheduled messages, group chats and theme support. One of the unique features is its widget which shows unread messages on the screen. This is the best app to try out for group chat functions.


This app is a newer app in the market and came into existence when there was a lack of material design apps in the market. Users find out a great experience in the design and they know what in for. Some of the features are floating notifications, night mode, group messaging, MMS and search. It is an open source app which is completely free to use. There are also some in-app purchases for funding development and are optional.

Final words:
So, guys, these were some of the top 9 best messaging apps for Android to use for free. Use any of these apps and get connected with your friends instantly that too without paying even a single. Hope you liked the list of these android messaging apps. If, so, please leave a comment with the name of messaging app you liked the most or do let me know if I forgot to add any other messaging app which you think should be on this list. Have fun! Enjoy!! :) 

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