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Top 5 Best Email Marketing Tools


 Email Marketing Tools - Top 5 Best Email Marketing Software Of 2018

Namaste! In this article we gonna talk about Email Marketing Tools. If you are a digital marketer you know what is Email Marketing and why it's important. But there are many myths that Email Marketing is dead, it's not true. Rather it has taken a new shape of marketing with new optimized and more possibilities of reaching out more costumers. It has more features now than before and these marketing tools are really powerful. For digital marketing Email Marketing restored the faith of reaching more customers with a good relationship. So if you have never used or thought about this marketing strategy then you should try this. Believe me you'll get good response. There are many Email marketing tools but I've came up with the Top 5 Best Email Marketing Tools which will give you more benefits with lots of features and great user interface and also easy to use. Before getting over the main topic let me clear some common doubts and queries regarding Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing ?

Email Marketing is simple, easy and proven way of promoting your business online. Directly spreading your business information to the group of people by E-Mail is called Email Marketing. Few years ago digital marketers were using this marketing strategy to get more customers for their business. As usually sending Ads, spreading business details, new articles, new features, sales offers and asking for donations through an E-Mail is considered as Email Marketing. Now I think you're aware about Email Marketing.

What is the importance of Email Marketing ?

Email Marketing is a proven strategy for digital marketers. It is being used for increasing customer relation, building loyalty, enhancing trust, brand awareness, reaching out new customers, convincing current customers to purchase something etc. As I heard that it is dead nowadays, but according to my knowledge it has come up with lot's of new features and powerful tools. There are Email Marketing software's by using them one can really get more customers in a short time.

Now coming to the main topic, below is the list of Top 5 Best Email Marketing Tools to engage more and more customers. Increase your brand awareness by using these below mentioned tools.

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Tools Of 2018

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1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp have 15 years experience in the industry. It have more than 10 million users worldwide so far and around 600 million emails are sent everyday. They came up in this business in 2001 and creating innovative products for their customers to grow their business reach. Below are the features of Mailchimp:
  • Easy and simple email designer
  • Powerful marketing automation solution
  • Advanced analytic feature
  • Suite of mobile apps for phone accessing
  • Easy sharing
  • Recommended for beginners

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2. GetResponse

With more than 15 years experience in the email marketing, they have more than 350000 customers from around 182 countries. With more than 300 professionals they make Email Marketing easy for small and large scale companies. GetResponse email marketing tool helps their customers in creating, customizing and managing email marketing campaigns. Below are the features of this tool:
  • Responsive Email designs
  • Subscriber forms
  • Landing pages (Mobile-ready)
  • Webinar solution to get more customers
  • A/B Testing to test, analyze and optimize your campaign
  • Email creator with lots of email templates and editing options
  • Auto-responder 2.0 for easy automation
  • Email Intelligence feature
  • List Booster to engage with more customers
  • Inbox preview feature

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3. Vertical Response

Award winning Email Marketing Tool with 14 years of experience in the industry. They have more than 1,000,000 customers worldwide. Vertical response says their tool need no coding or design skills to make online marketing look like a pro. With easy to use and affordable social media and marketing tools for small businesses they offers below Email Marketing features:
  • Professionally designed responsive free templates
  • Sign up form builder
  • Drag and drop email creator
  • Autoresponder feature
  • Social media management tool
  • Automatic resender feature
  • Award winning customer support

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4. AWeber

AWeber Email Marketing tool established in 1998. They have over 120000 customers around the globe including small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs. With around 110 professionals they have 17 years of experience in the business. As compared to other competetors they are slow in the business. :p Below are the features of AWeber tool:
  • Email campaigns with easy drag and drop editor
  • Autoresponder follow up
  • Email deliverability rate
  • Sign up forms with mobile ready templates
  • Email newslatters
  • Expert customer service
  • Drag and drop editor
  • HTML Email templates
  • RSS to email feature
  • Subscribers tracking and some more.

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5. Constant Contact

They are in the business since 1995 with lots of new tools and features which can make your experience of Email Marketing even better. Constant Contact is an international Email Marketing Tool which have millions of happy customers around the globe. They provide all the tools to make you reach more customers. Below are the features of this tool:
  • Professional designed and customizeable templates
  • Drag and Drop email editor
  • Powerful Autoresponder tool
  • Easy to use management
  • Email tracking tool
  • Mobile ready templates

Final words:-

Above explained Best Email Marketing Tools are for those digital marketers who believes in Email Marketing importance and it's power. Improve your business awareness, customers, sales, visitors, subscribers etc. You can get more and more engagement with new and current customers by using Email Marketing strategy. So use any of the Top 5 Best Email Marketing Tools and get your business on high. Do let us know which tool meets your requirements in the comments below. Have Fun! Enjoy!! :)

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