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Best Free Email Service Providers

Best Email Service Providers Of 2018

With the growing social influence on personal as well as business, life emails have dug their roots deeper as an entity without which you have no social life. So, in this article, we will be sharing a list of best free email service providers of 2018. Prompts to log in with your email id can be seen many times. Emails serve as the basic contact information on World Wide Web. Emails serve the basic purpose of impersonating a person’s mobile number on the web.

The competition in providing the best email services to the customers is leading to increasing in quality and security of data of the customer. Some email services these days provide some extra perks along with the email id and an account on their website. Here, we are providing you with some of the best email service in the market according to our research. Based on our research and the list it is on you whether to switch your email service or stay with the current provider.

Best Email Service Providers

1. Google Gmail


Considering this email service as the best service is no surprise to anyone. This is the most widely used and popular email service out on the market. Developed by the giant Google the integration of the service is phenomenal. Along with the email services, google provides other perks such as online storage for your content. The option to use over mobile through application or through the web browser is a service in itself.

The data is synced between all the devices and is maintained over a secure server. The communication and mails sent are done through a very secure medium developed by Google. Gmail also provides an option for video or voice calling. It also offers 10 GB online free storage and has excellent spam filters. It also provides customized business mail ids on demand. You can easily create unlimited Gmail accounts without phone verification using this guide.

2. Yahoo Mail Services


With the refurnished version out in the market, this free email service stands amongst one of the best services. Offering unlimited storage for mails, push messages and instant messaging. There is option for viewing slideshows, documents, and pdfs right from the mail.

The messages are already sorted according to their priorities and kept in different folders. Another big feature is their attachment size which is up to 50mbs or 100mbs in a single mail.

3. Zoho mail

This free email service is mainly built and aimed for professional purpose. It is really easy to set up and use. Services like maintaining calendar and tasks are one of the main features that helps in professional service. Instant chat is one of the key feature provided.

This service does not allow any add on their page to protect their privacy. One of the most secure features is that emails are not even scanned for popular keywords. Users also have the option to opt for a domain name along with their ids and also have 5gb free storage for their mails and push messages.

4. Yandex Free Email Service


This is the Russian mail service which has marked its existence quite well in the email service market. Providing 10 GB of cloud storage and having all the basic functions needed for an email service it is worth trying out for a professional use.



This is one of the most unique email service provider in the market as it provides its users unique domain names to their customers as per their job description. Unlimited storage for your mails and attachment size up to 50mbs makes it a good choice. They have their support for Blackberry, iOS, and Android devices.

6. GMX

This email service is the least popular amongst the list so far. Not so popular but is quite good and reliable when it comes to service. It mainly focuses on spams and virus filters which are best in class for any email service so far. Same as above it also provides unlimited storage for mails and up to 50mbs of attachment.

SSL encryption is used for the virus and spam protection. Users can manage all their mails using their mobile devices.

7. Junkmail

They have been in this market for 10 years now making them an experienced team providing the well maintained product. One of the keys and unique feature of this service is temporary SMS password while logging in.

They have reliable junk mail protection, web folder option for incoming photos and files. This application is not free for unlimited usage but can be paid and utilized if needed. The guest plan offer 25mb of email storage daily along 120 days inactivity time.

8. Hushmail

Hushmail is also one of the better options to try out for a professional email service. Offering up to 25mbs of email storage on their free account. The email service could be used for the blackberry, IOS or Android devices as well and is well integrated with all of them. You can also integrate your outlook account with this service.

They really provide a good security for the mails through the encryption done within the structure. They boast that their email service is one of the most secure services out in the market.


This service is one of the most liked services according to the user reviews. Not only giving its user GBs worth of space for storage but is also highly professional and polished in terms of its looks and graphics. There have been minimal changes in the interface over the years which makes it one of the easiest to use. Its interface includes rich text formatting and free-form labels. It also has one of the best spams and viruses filtering mechanism.

The only con being the mails not being organized in different folders according to their tags. Attachments of up to 30 mbs are allowed within a single message. All of this makes inbox one of the popular professional best email service and makes it worth trying

10. Outlook Email Service Provider

This email service is emerging as one of the main competitors for Gmail as it is developed and maintained by the rival and another giant Microsoft. It is also known as reinvented Hotmail. The main feature of this email service is its ad-free display.

It operates on latest norms of security. One of the key features is that it is the official partner for the windows. Online changes may be done with the help office online apps integrated within the outlook.

Final words:
So, guys, these were some of the best free email service providers of 2018 & I hope you liked the list. This list is for all those newbies who don't know which email service is best and worth using. All these above-mentioned email services are free to use. If you have any other free email service providers in your mind which you think should be on this list, please do share in the comments below. Enjoy!! :)

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