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Build Quality Backlinks Free

How to build high quality backlinks free ?

Namaste! :) So guys today we gonna talk about how you can build quality backlinks for your blog or website. You might find many website on the internet which offers you to create millions of backlinks free. But I encourage you don't use such sites which creates backlinks automatically. They create spammy backlinks which are useless and won't benefit you getting ranking. So I always prefer building backlinks manually. Because manual built backlinks are very useful and have high quality. Before explaining how to build high quality backlinks, let me explain some simple yet most asked questions by newbies. 

What are backlinks and their importance ? 

This is very easy question but not for newbies. :P Backlinks mean a link on other website which pointing to your website. I mean if someone puts a link on his/her website which directly points to your website is called backlink. This is very important to have sufficient amount of quality backlinks of your website or blog in order to achieve search engine ranking and organic traffic. So it increases your SEO which will bring you huge amount of traffic from search engines.

What are quality backlinks ?

It means how much ranking of the site from where you are getting backlink. If the PR and DA of that site is high then the quality of backlink will be also high. And it also depend on which type of backlink you are building, dofollow or nofollow. Always maintain the balance in nofollow backlinks and dofollow backlinks. It will increase authority of your domain as well as SEO which is very important to get organic traffic free of cost. :P 

Now we are talking about main topic mean how you can create huge list of quality backlinks for your blog or website free of cost. Below is the list of top 10 best ways to get high quality backlinks for free:

1. Social Networking Sites 

This is a good way to build quality backlinks for your blog. Social bookmarking websites have good PR and DA which provides authority backlinks. Many social networking sites provides a option to put your site link in the profile bio. Always put your link in the bio sections because this link will give you good quality. Many social networking site have nofollow links but there are some which also give dofollow links. So never underestimate the quality of backlinks which are from social bookmarking websites. 

2. Article Marketing 

It is also a easy and effective way to build backlinks for your site. Publishing your article on article directories is called article marketing. Before promoting your site by article marketing you must keep some tips in mind. Always do article marketing on relevant directories, means if your site niche is 'make money' then you should publish your article on directories which are related to money making. 

And before publishing remember to put innerlinks in your article which will increase the overall quality of backlinks. Only choose high PR and DA directories so that you can get authority backlinks. 

3. Guest Post 

Guest posting is old but useful way to get some quality backlinks for your website. By guest post you high authority backlinks which get you more ranking. And the blogs on which you are doing guest post are trusted in sight of Google and also your link will be there for long time. And if your post very useful and easy to understand then site owner will put your article on homepage which will get yo high quality backlink and traffic too.

4. Link Exchange 

This is old and working way to build backlinks. This is not much useful but many people use this because this is easy to build. Many people use this way in starting time to get some backlinks. If you are interested in link exchange then you should create an another website for putting others links on that site. So that your main site will not get penalized by Google and you'll be safe.

5. Document Sharing Sites

Such websites are also very useful to create quality backlinks. Like if you have good PDF or Ebook in which you have written demanded tutorials which people want to get for free. Then you can upload your PDF or Ebook on document sharing sites but don't forget to put innerlinks in your guide which are pointing to your website. Such sites gives dofollow links which are very beneficial for your website. 

6. Commenting 

This is most used way to get backlinks. Many people say that commenting won't provide you quality backlinks. But in my experience says it provides. But few thing you should keep in mind, don't start spamming other websites by leaving spammy comments just to get backlinks. Always choose high ranking website to comment and leave useful comment over there to get high quality backlink. Blog commenting will get you nofollow backlinks but you can get dofollow links from forums. 

7. Testimonials 

This is a great way to get authority backlinks. Because there are many high PR sites which offers testimonials, you just have to share testimonial and you'll get high quality link pointing to your site. Which will improve off page SEO of your website and you'll get huge search traffic for free. 

8. Feedback Sites

Feedback sites are also great way to build high quality backlinks for your website free. For this you have to put your website on some feedback sites with the improve tips asking description. By this way you'll get authority links free of cost. 

9. Web 2.0 Directories 

You can also build backlinks by directory submission.  There are many directories which offers to submit your site link under the category of your website. All directories have not high PR and DA so always prefer high PR directories and submit your site there so that the quality of backlink will be high. Always remember to submit your link under relevant category. 

10. YouTube

YouTube is very famous and we all know about this. It have very high PR and DA which is bonus point for backlink builders. You just have to create a channel on YouTube and put your website link there in the bio of your channel. The authority of YouTube links is very high and link juice is also great. You can also upload some site relevant videos and put link in the description of your videos which will not only give you backlink but huge traffic too. So it's called hit two targets with one arrow. ;) 

Final words:

So these were the best ways to build quality backlinks for your website which are used by many blogger and webmasters. Now it's your time to practice all the above explained ways to build authority backlinks for your site. Not all backlinks are same their type and quality matters a lot, like high quality 20 backlinks are far better then low quality 50 backlinks. So always build high quality backlinks. Implement above mentioned ways in your practice and get huge quality backlinks which are going to improve your search engine ranking hence you'll get more organic traffic and earning too. ;) If I forgot to add any good way to get high quality backlinks then please do leave comment and help others. Have fun! Enjoy!! :)

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  1. wow dear this is amazing post you exlain clear ans easy method and dissus specily backlink importence and benfittes
    thansks dear

  2. thnkx @onlyhax admin... i will try to these steps its really works... for boost my blog :D :)


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