How To Make Money On Youtube

How to Make Money on YouTube / Earn Money From YouTube

Namaste! There are so many Social Networking Platforms on the internet that are helping to earn money, Popularity, Promoting and so many activities but YouTube is considered as one of the tops because of its huge reach of global audience. So you can easily make money on YouTube. As every month YouTube gets one billion unique users it is the best platform to Make Money. Through YouTube Partner Program it is boasting one million creators which is the best thing, but recently it created a rule that they can’t turn on monetization until they get 10,000-lifetime views.

To get rid of bad players aside from the game of earning through partner program YouTube set this rule. For every 1000 views you will get $2-$4, even it’s a small amount you can earn if the number of videos you upload and thereby increasing the revenue. There are many people around the world who are already earning good amount of money through YouTube. They are not different, they just do different to achieve their goals. So YouTube is a great way to  make money online from your home.

Who can Earn Money from YouTube? 

Well, this question is very simple, and every newbie has this question in his/her mind before they start making money on YouTube. So answer is very simple, Anyone can earn money from YouTube. YouTube is available for everyone in all countries. If you are a nontechnical background person, you can also do it. No need of any special abilities to make money on YouTube. Just follow this simple article/guide on 'How to make Money on YouTube' and start earning cash from the internet.

How To Get Paid On YouTube?

It's very simple you just have to upload videos, get traffic on your videos and some valid clicks on ads and you're good to go. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold (US$100), you'll get paid your earned amount in your Bank account or Paypal account. To get payment from YouTube, you need an approved AdSense account, which is not so hard to get one. Just visit Google AdSense website and create an account there and link your AdSense account to your YouTube channel. Very easy!! Isn't it? ;)


How to Make Money on YouTube? (Steps to get started) 

  • First of all create a channel on YouTube 
  • Then upload some good quality and unique videos on your channel
  • Don't copy others videos else you'll get kicked from Google :p 
  • Now share your videos on social networking sites and get good organic traffic 
  • Once you reach 10k unique views on your channel you can Enable Monetization 
  • Enable monetization and start getting tons of unique views on your videos 
  • Once you start getting huge unique and valid views you'll see earning on your channel dashboard
  • Earning depends on videos contents and origin country of traffic
  • So choose the quality content and target top countries such as: USA, UK, Canada etc.
  • Get subscribe to your YouTube channel because more subs = more views = huge money ;) 
  • Try to make at least one video to go viral so that you can get huge traffic 
  • The more traffic you get - the more money you'll make 

Here in this article we will discuss on How to Make Money from YouTube through 9 ways.

1. Getting Traffic to your Site

how-to-get-paid-from-youtubeIf you have a website with good content for which you don’t have any traffic, then you are not properly utilizing your content for generating revenue. YouTube helps in getting more traffic to your site through videos of those content or product, few people rather reading a lengthy content will opt to watch a video with a clear idea. So place a link to your site in the video description and get huge traffic on your website and make money on YouTube.

Penguin, Humming Bird and Google’s Panda have hurt many websites, so YouTube helps in regaining the traffic to your website. Make sure to mention your website link in the description of the video for leading the potential viewers to your site. Try to link appropriate link related to the video you posted so that those who want to know more about the topic will head to your website link.

make-money-from-youtube2. As an Affiliate Marketer on YouTube

So many companies are offering Affiliate Marketing commission to the marketers which help in getting customers in exchange of money. Give a review or help the customers to know about the product details for attracting them to buy the product, provide the affiliate link in the description and mention about that in the video so that people will buy. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to Make Money on YouTube.
Videos help in knowing the features and specifications of a product better to get an idea of taking a decision to buy. Share the video on all your Social Networking sites to get traffic thereby increasing the chances of buying. Even if they don’t buy you will get traffic to your YouTube video which generates revenue.

3. Create a Web Series & Earn Money From YouTube

make-money-on-youtubeSo many people engage on social networking sites rather than in real life, we mean to say people are using technology more than anything. As people will be bored of watching those lagging TV shows and lengthy shows on TV they will watch a web series if it is interesting and you can earn money from YouTube.
Choose an interesting and trending topic and create content with the help of your friends, shoot the scenes and upload on YouTube. Promote as much as possible by giving a description or releasing a trailer of your web series, if people are interested to watch then you will traffic for your YouTube channel. To make it more interesting creates polls, contests to engage more people to watch your web series.

4. Create something and promote on YouTube

earn-money-on-youtubeIf you love to create apps, E-books, art, and music, then YouTube is the best platform to showcase and promote those to make money from YouTube. Create a video of all your products like a slideshow and post a link in the description to buy the product thereby attracting more people.

5. YouTube Partner Program

get-paid-from-youtubeIf you have done so many videos, then join the YouTube Partner Program to enable your channel for monetization. YouTube Partner Program helps in getting revenue from the advertising, you will have a share of income from YouTube. This is the best way to get paid on YouTube as it will help in getting revenue through YouTube partner Program.

6. Test your idea & Get Paid on YouTube

If you have an idea for creating a product and don’t know whether it works or not then YouTube is the best platform to get money from YouTube. It is the best place for market research where you can know how well your product is useful in the market based on the reviews, likes, and comments.
Your efforts will get funding based on the response for your product on YouTube as it serves as the proof about how much powerful your idea is. You can also get right prospects for funding if it reaches the right person. Also, you can get few suggestions about the improvements and medications needed as you directly reach the potential audience.

7. Teaching

earn-money-from-youtubeChances are high for the teaching classes, tutorials in YouTube as people are interested to learn something for free through videos. Also, you can post demo classes if you are a trainer of any course to get number of learners. Also if you know any crafts, tips, and tricks about technology, concept or general activities, then people show interest to watch those as it won’t cost anything and helps them to learn something.
Beauty videos are also the most viewed category on YouTube as it will help in getting ready easily and knowing tips without reaching a parlor or paying money. People who love to learn about beauty tips then they will watch the videos which will help you to make money on YouTube. Also, few brands offer makeup products as an affiliate marketing by showing the makeover with their products making people to buy their products.

8. Schedule Videos

how-to-earn-from-youtubePeople watch TV shows regularly as they know the time they are telecasted, and it makes them easy to watch those based on their convenience. They choose the videos based on their free time, this concept is what happens on YouTube where you can schedule videos and earn money from YouTube.
If you do this based on the target audience means if you are thinking of posting videos on Cooking then choose the time which is convenient for your target viewers (Mostly Women). Likewise, schedule the videos to reach more people thereby increasing the views and generating revenue.

9. AdSense

make-money-on-youtube onlyhaxSetting up an AdSense account is the first step to get earnings from the advertisers on your channel, this will generate revenue. YouTube will pay you the money for the clicks per ad, if you get more views for your videos, then you will get more money as the increase in the ad clicks.
AdSense account is for free, but you need to have PayPal account and a valid emailing address to earn money on YouTube. Sometimes ads may be disturbing but the more relevant ads then, the more click on ad thereby generating income.

Final words:
So these are the ways to Make Money on YouTube, apart from all this content is the king. Make sure to create an attractive content without lag to engage more number of audiences. Get more subscribers to reach your videos easily which increases the chance of getting more views thereby generating revenue & earn money on YouTube. Create videos on unique and viral topics and get huge traffic on your channel as it will increase your chances to get paid from YouTube.

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