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Namaste! There are so many ways to earn money online but not all those are genuine and trustworthy. But Content writing is the thing which is the best way of How to make Money writing Online. Work from home as a content writer is a good option as you can work at any time which is convenient for you, there will be no targets and coding required. 

Before thinking that this is the best thing to do as work from home, first make sure that you have a good grip on writing an article interestingly. After that, you have to find out the jobs which pay the good amount for your articles. Choose the topic in which you can engage people and earn money writing online.

Write a sample article so that you can send that to people who are in search for a content writer. The pay will be based on the number of words in your article, the minimum pay is 10$-15$ per 500 words, if you are native English speaker then you can earn more than that.

How To Earn Money Writing Online?

Below-written are some ways to make money from your writing skill. There are many ways to make money writing online but here I'll share some best of all them. So let's get started:
  • Writing E-Books and Selling Them Online
  • Starting as a Blogger
  • Writing Articles For News Companies 
  • Writing For Online Marketers 
  • Writing Content for Bloggers or Webmasters 

Make Money Writing Online Full Guide

1. Writing E-Books

earn-money-writing-online-guideWell, you can make quite good money online by writing your own E-Books and selling them online. You can write an e-book about your favorite topic and valuable information in it and then sell it on internet. 
There are many people who are using their knowledge and writing skill to make huge money writing online. So if you are also a writer or love to write, you can also make good cash from your home using this method. There are many website on the interne on which you can sell your e-books.

2. As A Blogger

make-money-writing-online-onlyhaxWow! It's my favorite way to make money writing online. I prefer this as a first priority for all the writers. As you can make really huge money, becoming a blogger. You just have to learn some SEO skills and then start writing day and night on your blog.

You can start a blog on your own which is for free and post the content of your interest, have a wordpress or blogger blog which is for free and pre-installed features. This is an easy way rather than PHP which requires coding, but if you learn few things about Wordpress then it is easy way to earn. 

But there is adsense approval where google checks whether your content is genuine without any copy content and daily update a post. As a newbie I suggest you to start as a content writer and meanwhile learn wordpress and SEO(Search Engine Optimization) so that you can lead your website. 

The more you write, the more traffic you'll get and more traffic = more money.

Things to Know before starting as a Blogger

  1. Many people who don’t have idea about writing still think that they can copy and paste the content. If you are also the one thinking like this then change, as there are so many tools available to test the content whether it is copied.
  2. There are tools available for spinning an article, but it is not the right thing if you want to settle down as a content writer and build experience.
  3. Refer few articles on top sites and observe the way of writing to get an idea, just refer and write on your own.

Types of Bloggers

  • Freelance Blogger is the one who writes content/articles for a website or client, it may be for a company or an individual who runs a blog.
  • Guest Blogger is one who writes articles for another website as a guest for free if they want to get a back link for their website by posting it at the end of article. Sometimes Guest posts are also paid to engage traffic and get views.
  • Content Marketer is the one who writes articles for attracting traffic and engaging people, who markets their content in turn earning some traffic.

3. News Companies

This also one of the best ways to earn money writing online. Write news articles for big news companies like BBC etc. and earn money online from home. But for this, you must have unique writing skills. 
Write unique articles and in a interesting way to impress the readers and you'll get your job for long time. If you are newbie and don't have professional writing skills then you can write for small news companies as well or write for online marketers. ;)

4. Writing For Online Marketers

how-to-make-earn-money-writing-online onlyhaxIf you are a newbie or medium level writer, you can use this way to make cash writing online. There are lots of marketers on the internet for marketing purposes, you can write for them and earn quite good amount of money from your home. So find these so called online marketers, write for them and make money writing online. So this is also a good option if you're not being hired by any big company. ;p

5. Writing For Successful Bloggers

You can also earn money by writing content for successful bloggers or other webmasters. There are many websites which offer job for content writers. Just find them and start writing for them to make money writing online
Now you might be thinking, how to find such bloggers or website. Right ? Well there are many way to do so, few of them are shown-below:

#Through Social Media

As the content is marketed online, shared online it’s the platform where so many people find out people who can write content. There will be people who provide work and search for work at the same time, as few people run a blog with their skills but can’t write engaging content.
They will reach out for content writers for their websites or blogs, the rest of things like server management, data management and coding will be done by them.

There is are many groups for Content Writers on Facebook where you can join for free and search for a job, daily so many people will post about their requirement. You need to provide your mail so that they can reach you or can message them based on their wish.
But just think before accepting a work as there will so many cheaters who just escape at the payment time, ask them to pay for sample article also (If you have wrote for them). Another thing is ask the work providers for a weekly pay if you are not sure about them, don’t trust anyone blindly. 

"I’m also the one who got cheated by someone before, so I don’t want you to waste your time and hard work."

Other ways include searching on Google about content writing jobs where you will find so many solutions, like the way you found this article. Quikr also provides the freelance jobs, post all your details and the skills you have. You will get so many bunches of companies which provide freelance work and lets you earn at your convenient timings.

Websites Providing Content Writing Jobs

Sites providing the Way to Earn Money Online through writing, if you are bored of writing articles for less pay and not getting proper work then these are the sites for you. But these sites won’t accept the content easily as they expect Native English without grammatical errors.

#Five websites for Newbies

Zeerk – This is a freelancing site which is started not so long but few years which provides you to sell your articles easily. 8% to 20% of your article sale amount will go as commission to them, you can price your work from $5 to $500.

Guru – This site is most trust able where there will companies and customers those hire freelancers, there more than a Million people who are benefiting by this site.

Freelance Writing Jobs – This is a job portal which is providing so many jobs for freelancers, as it is providing prompt emails on any job notification. If you are searching for a job then this is the best job portal for getting suitable job. - This site provides many bloggers and authors to write articles as a guest to get traffic for their site and increase their site value. Here you can find content writers for your website and also get jobs for content writing.

Linkedin- This is the best media site to find out any kind of jobs based on their qualifications, the wide platform for finding out the jobs and also there will be many famous brands that search for content writers. This is certified as most trust able platform for finding out genuine people.

Note: - Popular Freelance sites include UpWork, People Per Hour, Freelancer, Fiverr which seem competitive for beginners. So try the above sites which are best for beginners. 


So start writing and stop thinking. I wrote this much to create an idea of How to Make Money Writing Online. Hope this article helped in clearing your doubts and finding a suitable way to work as a writer. There are many people who like writing but they have no proper path to make it as their profession and they end-up by doing some small jobs. So guys this article specially for them. Don't waste your skills by writing useless comments on social sites and start make money writing online. Enjoy! Have Fun!! #OnlyHax :)

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